Thursday, October 28, 2010

My favorite films...

So, I've decided to put this amazon associates thing to good use while putting my vast knowledge of films to good use as well. Well, not really a knowledge of film, but I've seen a lot of them. I'll start with my 5 favorite zombie features! And then by the end of the weekend, have a definitive list of the best horror films of all time!!!

#1. 28 Days Later:

Yes, this was a game changer for the Zombie Genre. No longer did Zombie had to be bumbling idiots (republicans), no, now they could be fast and chase you. This new "Rage" virus had the zombies intensified as they began to rule mother England. Also, to infect others, they did not need a taste of the flesh. No, no no, god no! All they really needed to do is puke this deep red with black specks goo upon your orifices, then you were fucked. Shit out of luck! That's why this is one of the best Zombie films of all time. And it doesn't hurt to have Danny Boyle in the directors chair, either!

#2. Night of the Living Dead:

I have to choose this one. It's almost prescribed by the zombie institute of American Zombie Relations. Romero touched on some pretty heavy topics, all the while scaring the pants off of the audience. I remember seeing this as a child, and it scared the bajeesus out of me for months. Still creepy to no end, and will forever stand for all time.

#3. Dawn of the Dead(Original):

Oh, big effing surprise, I know. Another Romero flick. It's hard to go wrong with Tom Savini, though. Seriously. The man is a genius with blood. Plus, it was a little more light hearted than Night of the Living Dead. Showing the infected as bumbling idiots (Democrats) and allowing those on the run to pretty much do whatever they want inside that mall. Also, a killer soundtrack. You know what? I'll link you to it! Preview some of the tracks. They're brilliant.

4. Planet Terror:

Wait, are these Zombies? Well, they are infected. They do feast on human motherfucking flesh, so I'd say yeah. Technically, they are. Either way, it's pretty brilliant. A throwback to the horror movies of yore. Back when the frighten came from the effects. And Bruce Willis is amazing. But that can be said for anything he's in. Especially Hudson Hawk. Don't deny it! Anyway, this is a great zombified film. I suggest it.

5. Zombieland:

A completely new way and new take for the Zombie Genre. This comedic look at what it would be like in a world filled with Zombies takes you through the life of the guy who would eventually create Facebook. Wait... I'm mixing up my movies. Oh well. This is a fantastic film with everything that is great about the genre. I suggest shelling out the extra cash for the special edition for this one. Gotta love it!

Well, that's my list. Expect a new list within the next few days!

-A. O'blivion

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Q and A with A. O'Blivion: #2

Q: LJ said... Did you make the promo vid and your Shocktober intros with Adobe or Vegas?

A: The Promo vid was done completely with Sony Vegas. The Shocktober intro was done completely using Adobe Premier Pro!

Q: ilikeicecream said... you forgot to answer my question

A: This is not a question! Unfortunately, I am a very lazy person and will not get to every question. Just the ones I can write answers too! I remember yours being something about Ice cream. I do enjoy Ice cream. Sadly, I am a diabetic, so I can't enjoy it all that much. I can sneak it in every now and again! AND I DO!

Q: ImmaFrog said... I loved the questions more than the answers. why?

A: I really couldn't tell you. Maybe because I'm great at answering questions? Especially with more questions?

As always, ask more questions and get them answered in the next post. If there are enough questions, it'll be posted tomorrow at some point!


- A. O'Blivion

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Q and A with A. O'Blivion: #1

Q: Gordon said... what's your favorite pre-1990's movie?

A: My favorite pre-1990's movie, and my favorite movie PERIOD would have to be the Sidney Lumet film about a bank robbery gone horribly wrong, all in front of the American public. If you haven't guessed the film I'm talking about, you need to go out and rent "Dog Day Afternoon". It will evoke just about every emotion a human can express. It is my favorite movie of all time, only thing close to it would have to be "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"... Well, just because of it's explicit violence and Clint Eastwoods Badassitutde

Q: Classically Trained Nub said... What kind of camera and lenses do you use? Any special software?

A: I think I answered this in a previous post, but I'll answer it again. Currently, with my budget woes, I can only afford my dinky little pocket HD camera, the Kodak Zx1. It works perfectly, shoots what I need it to shoot and in stunning 720p at 60fps. Programs I use will go from Sony Vegas for the easier cut/rendering stuff. And, for more advanced stuff like editing audio/video effects I'll go to Adobe Premiere Pro. Although, the industry standard right now is to use Apple's Final Cut Pro. If I ever want to get a job in the field, I should probably learn that eventually. When I can afford it. Donations??? :D

Q: gomby said... Canon T1 or XSI for casual use?

A: Unfortunately I am not really that involved with cameras such as these. I have a Canon for the photographs I take for random events. I can't remember which model it is, but for what I use it for, which is just simple point and click, it takes rather nice images. I originally used it for all of my filmmaking, as well. It wasn't HD, so I had to upgrade to the Zx1.

Thats all for the questions for this round.

Ask more questions in the comment section for this post and I will answer them in the next blog post!

Thanks for the great questions, everyone! Keep 'em coming!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ask away!

So, in the comment box I've been getting a ton of good questions about what I do and how I do it and everything else in between. If you have a question to ask me, ask in this posts comment section. This will be the basis for all the questions I answer for this week, then I'll start a new post next week. Each time I get a question I like, I'll answer it in posts titled "Q and A with A. O'Blivion"

So, do not hesitate! Ask me some damn good questions and you'll get some semi-literate answers! Do it! DO IT NOW!!!

I will generally answer just about everything, as well. Except personal things, obviously. I'll answer anything related to O'Blivion Pictures.

So.. What are you waiting for? Ask!

- A. O'Blivion

Monday, October 18, 2010

My skills/qualifications

People have been inquiring me about my current skills/qualifications with random editing software for video editing and audio editing.

Currently, I have been working more with Adobe Premier Pro ever since CS5 was released. But I have been editing videos on Vegas Pro for years. Around 2 years total has gained me a pretty great knowledge of editing videos.

I've been wanting to gain more knowledge of Adobe After Effects because I know it is very widely used with just about every professional effect artist.

I've also been wanting to upgrade and get a strictly video editing machine. A professional would suggest buying an Apple PC, setting up a few monitors, then you'd be all set. In the professional world, that's what is currently being used. It's all quite pricey, though. I'll just stick with what I'm good with for now.

Thanks for the inquiries, everyone! Keep 'em coming. I'll make posts for the best questions left in the comments

- A. O'Blivion

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am currently in the process of legitimizing this business and registering the name under a DBA. Whatever that means.

This means nothing to you guys! Just thought it'd be cool to say.

Also, I am currently taking video requests. If there's something you want me to make, or have an idea, leave a comment and I'll think about it!

Pricing guide to come later for the special videos.


- A. O'Blivion

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some videos to share with you!

Alright, I know that O'Blivion Pictures comes off as strictly business, and that's true, in a way. O'Blivion Pictures is not really my business for fun and making whatever kind of videos I want. I do, however, have a youtube site for that. It's called Ax3l Productions. And here's a few examples of how silly I can be!

Those are a few Halloween related videos. They're all pretty funny! Check 'em out!

*Decided not to embedd videos. Took up too much space!