Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Q and A with A. O'Blivion: #1

Q: Gordon said... what's your favorite pre-1990's movie?

A: My favorite pre-1990's movie, and my favorite movie PERIOD would have to be the Sidney Lumet film about a bank robbery gone horribly wrong, all in front of the American public. If you haven't guessed the film I'm talking about, you need to go out and rent "Dog Day Afternoon". It will evoke just about every emotion a human can express. It is my favorite movie of all time, only thing close to it would have to be "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"... Well, just because of it's explicit violence and Clint Eastwoods Badassitutde

Q: Classically Trained Nub said... What kind of camera and lenses do you use? Any special software?

A: I think I answered this in a previous post, but I'll answer it again. Currently, with my budget woes, I can only afford my dinky little pocket HD camera, the Kodak Zx1. It works perfectly, shoots what I need it to shoot and in stunning 720p at 60fps. Programs I use will go from Sony Vegas for the easier cut/rendering stuff. And, for more advanced stuff like editing audio/video effects I'll go to Adobe Premiere Pro. Although, the industry standard right now is to use Apple's Final Cut Pro. If I ever want to get a job in the field, I should probably learn that eventually. When I can afford it. Donations??? :D

Q: gomby said... Canon T1 or XSI for casual use?

A: Unfortunately I am not really that involved with cameras such as these. I have a Canon for the photographs I take for random events. I can't remember which model it is, but for what I use it for, which is just simple point and click, it takes rather nice images. I originally used it for all of my filmmaking, as well. It wasn't HD, so I had to upgrade to the Zx1.

Thats all for the questions for this round.

Ask more questions in the comment section for this post and I will answer them in the next blog post!

Thanks for the great questions, everyone! Keep 'em coming!!!


  1. I loved the questions more than the answers. why?

  2. Ahh thanks anyway but at least you are exposed and use canon cameras. Big thumbs up!

  3. Oops sorry, I must have missed it. Thanks for answering it anyway.

  4. Did you make the promo vid and your Shocktober intros with Adobe or Vegas?

  5. Awesome post! I look forward tor eading more from you =]

  6. great questions, interesting answer tho...
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